Therapeutic Services

  •  Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
  •  DIR®/DIR Floortime®: A model based on Development, Individual Differences, and Relationships. Though it is often associated with children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder or children who have other developmental delays, it is also useful for issues related to regulation (both sensory regulation as well as emotional regulation). I work on capacities 1-10 thus I will utilize this treatment with infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and adults.
  •  Parent/Educator/Caregiver Coaching
  •  Playtherapy: Children often do not have the ability to talk about their problems and work through those problems consciously. Instead, they show us their problems as they play. They also work through those problems in the context of play.
  •  Family Therapy
  •  Individual Therapy for children, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults.